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The Standard of the World

WELCOME to the new online home of the Iowa CrossRoads Region of the Cadillac and LaSalle Club!

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Not long after its humble beginnings in 1902, Cadillac gained the reputation of being in a league of its own! From Henry Leland’s passion for close tolerances and parts interchangeability (which led to its first Dewar Trophy in 1908, and the adoption of the slogan “Standard of the World”), there has been no car quite like a Cadillac!

Charles Kettering’s self-starter would earn the 1912 Cadillac the nickname “The Car That Has No Crank,” and his electric lights developed the same year would lead to a second Dewar trophy. Harley Earl’s LaSalle was another first for Cadillac in that it was the first car in which styling was considered equally important to the engineering task!

Our Club, likewise, had humble beginnings in 1999, but we strive to be the best—the STANDARD of car clubs by which others are compared.

Take some time to peruse our site, view some of the pictures of some of our members and their cars, scan a few of our newsletters and you’ll discover many of the great people and events which makes our car community what it is. Then click the “JOIN US” link, and be a part of our association.

We come from many backgrounds, but what draws us together is our love for our cars! If you like old Cadillacs and LaSalles and enjoy socializing, come join us.

We are in the process of redesigning this site to make it more responsive to those who surf with smartphones and tablets. Please be patient as this is a work in progress. We promise that your patience will be rewarded with a beautiful website that you will want to return to again and again for all things Cadillac and LaSalle.

Steven Fox
Iowa CrossRoads Region CLC

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Cadillac & LaSalle Club

Founded 1958

The Self-Starter Teasers – May 2016

Steve Stewart >> Caddie Shack Letters to editor By any measure, the March issue of The Self-Starter, which focused on the 75th anniversary of the 1941 Cadillac, was a success… La Galeria OLD but new to me from D.C. 1949 Series 62 Sedan Matt Brown Burke, Va. Telling me I only get 200 words for … Continue reading The Self-Starter Teasers – May 2016
Author: cadillac
Posted: April 30, 2016, 7:00 pm

New CLC Legacy Program

At the April 15, 2016 Board of Directors meeting the new CLC Legacy Program was approved. The program provides for members’ young adult dependents (ages 18-25) who are living away from home to receive a free, separate “Online Only” membership to the CLC. Examples of when a dependent would qualify for the program include attending … Continue reading New CLC Legacy Program
Author: cadillac
Posted: April 27, 2016, 5:37 pm

“The Self-Starter” Teasers – April 2016

Steve Stewart >> Caddie Shack RVG The initials say it all… In memory of… Thoughts on Ron VanGelderen By Barry Wheeler The first “appearance” of Ron in The Self-Starter was a short note about his move from Salt Lake City to Washington, D.C., in the January 1966 issue… Norm Uhlir’s remembrance of Ron VanGelderen By … Continue reading “The Self-Starter” Teasers – April 2016
Author: cadillac
Posted: March 31, 2016, 5:07 pm

Adrenaline junkies

I have held this article in the big box of articles for future President’s Messages. So, without further ado, it seems appropriate, since this precedes the Las Vegas Grand National, here’s DaveR2’s executive vice president observations. —Dave Ritchie At the Grand National in Brookfield, Wis., our president, known to many as DaveR1, asked me to … Continue reading Adrenaline junkies
Author: cadillac
Posted: March 31, 2016, 5:02 pm

Changes in Judging Rules – Now & 2017

NEWS FROM THE CHIEF JUDGE Changes in Judging Rules – Now & 2017 by: William C. “Bill” Anderson, P.E. The Cadillac & LaSalle Club Board of Directors approved a program in January 2015 authorizing significant changes in the judging of cars at CLC National Events. The Judging Committee is hard at work developing the procedures … Continue reading Changes in Judging Rules – Now & 2017
Author: Michael Cascio
Posted: March 11, 2016, 12:36 pm


All the ballots have been tabulated and the Directors as elected for the term of 2016-2018 are: Bill Anderson Michael Cascio Bob Crimmins Gary Fisher Joe Gildea Lee Herbermann Toni Nabholz Huse Jack McClow Jeff Montgomery Jeff Papciak Sue Pashekewich C.R. “Chuck” Patton II Tim Pawl Marsha Redman Rob Robison David B. Rubin Lauren Schweitzer Jeff Shively Phil … Continue reading 2016 ELECTION RESULTS
Author: cadillac
Posted: March 3, 2016, 4:28 pm

The Iowa CrossRoads Region is a local region of the Cadillac and LaSalle Club (CLC) which seeks to preserve the history of collectible automobiles built by Cadillac, and assist owner families with technical information, and social opportunities.
The majority of our membership resides in the Central Iowa in the Des Moines area and gathers for monthly events. We come from many backgrounds, but what draws us together is our love for our cars! If you like old Cadillacs and LaSalles and enjoy socializing, we cordially invite you to join us!
Please enjoy some of our members and their beautiful Cadillacs and LaSalles! Members: please submit high-resolution pictures of your rides for inclusion on this page! We'd prefer that you and your loved ones be in the picture if possible. Please share a paragraph of two about your car.

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