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Not long after its humble beginnings in 1902, Cadillac gained the reputation of being in a league of its own! From Henry Leland’s passion for close tolerances and parts interchangeability (which led to its first Dewar Trophy in 1908, and the adoption of the slogan “Standard of the World”), there has been no car quite like a Cadillac!

Charles Kettering’s self-starter would earn the 1912 Cadillac the nickname “The Car That Has No Crank,” and his electric lights developed the same year would lead to a second Dewar trophy. Harley Earl’s LaSalle was another first for Cadillac in that it was the first car in which styling was considered equally important to the engineering task!

Our Club, likewise, had humble beginnings in 1999, but we strive to be the best—the STANDARD of car clubs–the club by which all others are compared!

Please peruse our site, view some of the pictures of some of our members and their cars, scan a few of our newsletters and you’ll discover many of the great people and events which makes our car community what it is. Then click the “JOIN US” link, and be a part of our association.

We come from many backgrounds, but what draws us together is our love for our cars! If you like old Cadillacs and LaSalles and enjoy socializing, come join us.

Here are some of the upcoming events you may look forward to this year:

(Please consult your copy of “The Voice” for dates and times Or go to the “Members Only page”. They are not published here for reasons of security):

  • July 2017: Adams County Tour including Johnny Carson’s Birthplace, Corning Opera House and R&S Collectibles Showroom in Corning.
  • August 2017: AACA Mississippi Valley Region Central Fall Meet and Car Show in Bettendorf.
  • Early September 2017: Des Moines Concours d’Elegance at Pappajohn Sculture Park in Des Moines.
  • Late September 2017: Cadillac Fall Festival at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.
  • October 2017: Overnight weekend touring event to House on the Rock & Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin House in Spring Green.
  • November 2017: Kinze Innovation Center & Weekday Factory Tour in Williamsburg.
  • December 2017: Holiday Luncheon and touring event in central Iowa. (location to be determined).

Steven Fox
Iowa CrossRoads Region CLC

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Thank You To These Generous Donors!

THANK YOU to these generous donors who contributed items for our 2017 National Driving Tour welcome bags!

Cadillac and LaSalle Club  www.cadillaclasalleclub.org  Our mother ship.

           Keeping us connected with education and fellowship.

Cadillac North Central Region  www.cadillac.com  Cadillac is the oldest

           continuous automobile manufacturer in the US.  Since 1902.

Champion Auto Parts www.championautoparts.com 

           Creating sparks since 1905.  …3,2,1 Ignition!

Coker Tire  www.cokertire.com 

           Specialty tires and wheels since 1958.

Cook County Farm Bureau www.cookcfb.org Located on Historic Route 66 in Countryside, IL.

Cruisin’ with Lincoln on 66 Visitors Center  www.cruisinwithlincolnon66.org

           The Visitors Center serves as a gateway to area attractions, including

           Route 66 and Abraham Lincoln-related sites.

Double Good Popcorn https://www.doublegood.com

           Illinois company established in 1988.  50% of every dollar supports a

           charitable cause.

Funks Grove Maple Sirup  www.funksmaplesirup.com

           Route 66 icon.  The farm was established in 1824 by Isaac Funk, friend

           and supporter of President Abraham Lincoln.  Commercial sirup production

           began in 1891.  Nearly 200 years later it remains a family-owned

           operation.  Yes, it’s “sirup” with an “i”.

GM Parts North Central Region   www.gm.com Rain or shine they have us


Goodyear Tires  www.goodyear.com  Founded in 1898 and named for

           Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber.   Traditionally in

           North America more new vehicles, including Cadillacs, have been equipped

           with Goodyear tires than any other brand.

Hagerty Insurance www.hagerty.com

           Insuring our beloved classics.

Harrah’s Casino, Joliet   https://www.caesars.com/harrahs-joliet

           Located one block off Historic Route 66 in downtown Joliet, IL.

Hawk Cadillac www.hawkcadillac.com  There is ALWAYS room for one more!

Hortons Home Lighting www.HortonsHome.com Serving Chicagoland for over

           100 years.

Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway  www.illinoisroute66.org

           The Mother Road and reason for our Tour!

Jewel Foods  www.jewelosco.com

           Established in 1899 as a door-to-door coffee service, later Jewel Tea

           Company, the company grew to hundreds of grocery delivery routes

           for small towns in 43 states.  Route 66 made that job easier!  Jewel-Osco

           is now owned by Albertsons and remains a leading grocer in Chicagoland

Jim Finnerty Agency State Farm Insurance www.jimfinnerty.com State Farm’s

           corporate headquarters is a stone’s throw away from Historic Route 66

           in Bloomington, IL.

Joliet Area Historical Museum www.JolietMuseum.org Where we’ll learn more

            about the 4th largest city in Illinois and its ties to historic Route 66.

            Fun fact: Joliet Jake of Blues Brothers fame was released from the

            prison’s east gate.

Mecum Auctions  www.mecum.com  Family-owned and operated since the first

           auction in 1988 at the Rockford, IL airport.

Meguiar’s  www.meguiars.com  

           Family-owned and operated since 1901.  It started with furniture polish

           so it was a natural segue to automotive products when the new wooden

          “horseless carriages” hit the streets.

Michael Baker Agency Inc.  www.MichaelBakerAgency.com  BINGO!  

THANK YOU !!!  to these generous donors


Mothers Polishes  www.mothers.com

           Started in the 1970’s with Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish.

NAPA Auto Parts www.napaonline.com

           Replacement parts since 1925.

Pennzoil www.pennzoil.com 

           Protecting engines since 1963.

Pilot Knob Comforts  www.pkcpop.com

           Produced on a family-owned, multi-generational century farm in Oneida, IL 

           Illinois is a leading US corn producer.

Pontiac Oakland Automobile Museum and Visitors Bureau www.visitPontiac.org 

           Go. See. Do.

RediRad   www.rediscoveradio.com  

           What’s a road trip without tunes?

RockAuto  www.Rockauto.com A family business founded in 1999.  “Someday, it

           may be possible to build an entire car using parts from RockAuto!”

Route 66 QR Code  www.Route66ultimateguide.com “The Ultimate Guide to

           Route 66”.

Route 66 Association of Illinois www.il66assoc.org

          “Traveling The…New, Historic Route 66 of Illinois”  by John Weiss.

           John’s help and his book have been invaluable to us while

           planning the Tour.

Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau www.VisitSpringfieldIllinois.com

          Springfield is the capitol of Illinois and the place Abraham Lincoln called


St. Louis Convention and Visitors Bureau www.explorestlouis.com

          St. Louis is our destination point and our country’s early gateway

          to westward expansion beyond the mighty Mississippi.

Steele Rubber Products    www.steelerubber.com  

           Lynn H. Steele founded Steele Rubber Products in 1958 when he began

           making hard to find parts for his 1931 Cadillac in his garage.

SuperClean www.supercleanbrands.com 

           Super Easy. Super Fast.

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard www.teddrewes.com  Tennis champion Ted

            Drewes Sr.opened the current Chippewa location (his fourth) on historic

            Route 66 in 1941. It is a fourth generation family-owned business.

            Their signature “concrete”, created in 1959, is a malt or shake so

            thick that it is served upside down. For the holidays Ted Drewes

            Nova Scotia Christmas trees have become a St. Louis tradition. 

Universal Vintage Tire Company  www.universaltire.com

           Vintage tire manufacturing since 1968

Vogue Tyre & Rubber Company  www.voguetyre.com

            Founded in Chicago in 1914.  Custom luxury tires. They invented the


Whirl-A-Whip   www.facebook.com/Whirl-A-Whip-485608234862064/

            This Girard restaurant near a 1926-30 alignment of Route 66

            still uses a1950s-era Whirl-A-Whip ice cream machine to whip each

            cup of ice cream individually.  Don’t forget your token!

Posted: July 17, 2017, 1:36 pm

The Iowa CrossRoads Region is a local region of the Cadillac and LaSalle Club (CLC) which seeks to preserve the history of collectible automobiles built by Cadillac, and assist owner families with technical information, and social opportunities.
The majority of our membership resides in the Central Iowa in the Des Moines area and gathers for monthly events. We come from many backgrounds, but what draws us together is our love for our cars! If you like old Cadillacs and LaSalles and enjoy socializing, we cordially invite you to join us!
Please enjoy some of our members and their beautiful Cadillacs and LaSalles! Members: please submit high-resolution pictures of your rides for inclusion on this page! We'd prefer that you and your loved ones be in the picture if possible. Please share a paragraph of two about your car.

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