Our Purpose

The purposes for which the Club is founded are:

  • for the development, publication and exchange of information pertaining to recognized Cadillacs and LaSalles;
  • to encourage the maintenance, preservation and restoration of all recognized Cadillacs and LaSalles;
  • to maintain references on recognized Cadillacs and LaSalles; and
  • to promote social fellowship among the Club members.


The first meeting of the Iowa CrossRoads provisional pending region of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club was held July 31, 1999 at Pittman & Company, in Urbandale, IA. Jim Pittman spearheaded the initial meeting, where ten prospective members assembled and formed the Iowa CrossRoads Region of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club. Jim Pittman, director, has been a Cadillac owner since 1984. His love for old Caddies prompted him to start a region for other Cadillac enthusiasts. Due to the large turnout and participation of prospective region members, the Iowa CrossRoads Region was able to apply to be a pending provisional region of the National Cadillac & LaSalle Club. A membership vote took place at the January 2000 board meeting in Detroit. In Tuscan, January 2001, the Iowa CrossRoads Region was granted full membership and was given approval to host the 2005 Grand National. This was the first time in the history of the National Club that a new Region was granted full regional status on the first vote and on the second vote was awarded a Grand National. Currently the Iowa CrossRoads Region has 30 paid memberships and 26 auxiliary (spousal) memberships, for a total of 56 members in our region.